In the David Jerome Private Collection, the luminous quality of the world’s purest coloured stones
is enhanced by exquisite designs and high quality settings.

Why buying directly from David Jerome means unique one-off pieces and the very best stones

Jewellers and experts within the industry will already be familiar with the name David Jerome. I am the ‘go to’ authority for coloured gemstones having built up unrivalled knowledge via my travels around the world securing the very best quality stones.

Certified Stones

Every ring that I own has an authenticity certificate. I do this because sadly there are some very unscrupulous dealers around, and the end-user simply does not know what they are buying.  The certificate confirms the quality and provenance of the stones, so you are always 100% sure of authenticity when buying a ‘David Jerome’ ring.

Natural and Treatment Free

Another ‘scam’ by many Hight Street jewellers and dealers include processes like heating rubies. Many rubies have little brown marks and holes when inspected closely but when the stones are heated to very high temperatures this gets rid of these ‘imperfections’, temporarily. With wear and over time, these ‘imperfections will return. I NEVER treat or heat my stones; they are 100% natural. In fact, it is the colour variations and slight flaws that make these rings sparkle and have depth of colour, it makes them unique. They have been in the earth for millions of years so they will not change colour like heated stones. If you looked at a tray of rubies in a jeweller that heats stones, they will all be the same colour. Now look at a selection of mine, they are all slightly different.

Price Comparison

You simply cannot compare these rings to anything on the High Street. You would need to go to places like Bond Street to find anything similar, but you will quickly see they are 5 to 6 times the price of mine.

Buying one of my rings not only gives you quality (backed up with a certificate), a guarantee that each piece is totally unique, they will also go up in value over the years.

Feel free to browse some of my collection on this website, which can be purchased directly online. However, if you have some questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be delighted to explain more about any of the individual rings.

“A ring is a bit of
magic on your finger!”

David Jerome


David Jerome recounts his many tales of searching for the finest stones.
Every gem in this collection has a story.

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